Agenda for the next city council meeting

The public is invited to attend a meeting of a Madison County-based regional government agency where tax dollars may be spent.

WHAT: Norfolk City Council

WHEN: Monday 20 March, 5.30pm

WHERE: Norfolk City Council Chambers, 309 N. Fifth St.

— Proclamation for March 12-18 as Girl Scout Week.

— Proclamation of March 23 Kiwanis Day at noon.

— Public input and discussion to receive potential council recommendation, if needed, regarding an occupation tax on alcoholic beverages and possible special elections for police station expansion.

— Discussion regarding the creation of a Norfolk Parks and Recreation Board to assist with the management, care and use of Norfolk’s parks.

– Town Hall meeting to receive comments on the Northeast Nebraska Solid Waste Coalition’s budget and rates for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023.

— Potential sitting behind closed doors to avoid unnecessary injury to an individual’s reputation to evaluate an individual’s job performance when he or she has not requested that such evaluation take place in a public meeting.


— Public Hearing at the Request of Eugene C. and Jennifer Planer and Review of Order No. 5828 approving a zoning change from I-1 (light industrial district) to R-1 (single-family residential district) on property listed as 1600 S. Quinta S.

— Public Hearing Requested by Valley Drive Properties and Review of Order No. 5829 approving a zoning change from I-1 (light industry district) and C-1 (local business district) to I-1 (light industry district) on property generally located an eighth of a mile south -east of the roundabout at East Norfolk Avenue and South Victory Road.

— Examination of ordinance no. 5821 to enact Chapter 24, Article XII, of the official city code to permit the use of golf car vehicles on city streets and establish provisions under which golf car vehicles may be operated. Ordinance no. 5821 was approved at first reading at the meeting of 21 February and at second reading at the meeting of 6 March.

— Examination of ordinance no. 5825 approving an amendment to section 4-4 of the official city code to include an exception for raising chickens, miniature chickens or ducks with a valid permit and to more clearly define livestock with respect to raising livestock within inside the city; amend section 4-6 of the code to deal with free-roaming chickens or ducks; to enact city code section 27-295 to permit the raising of chickens, kittens or ducks in residential neighborhoods with a valid permit. The ordinance was approved in first reading by the city council on March 6.

— Examination of ordinance no. 5826 approving an amendment to section 2-5 of the city’s official code to include a permit fee for raising chickens, hens, and/or ducks in the city. This ordinance was approved in first reading at the city council meeting on March 6.

— Examination of approval of a letter amending Agreement No. 2 for construction engineering services with McLaury Engineering for the West Michigan Avenue and Eighth Street redevelopment project for an amount not exceeding $127,300.14.

— No action can be performed at this time.

Remember, government works best when citizens are informed and engaged. Attending government agency public meetings is a great way to do this.

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