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After two days of active work, several homeless camps were removed in Council Bluffs by the local police department

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa – Recently, the Council Bluffs Police and other organizations have dismantled several homeless encampments.

According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, several homeless encampments were dismantled on August 18. They were beneath the Broadway Viaduct, near Bahsen Park, and along the Missouri River footpath.

According to the Council Bluffs Police Department, eight officers, the Police Chief, the Public Works Department, Mayor Matt Walsh, and the New Visions Homeless Coordinator all participated in the evacuation.

Council Bluffs Police stated in a press statement that the purpose of the operation was to remove trespassers, assist the displaced in finding secure places to live, and clean up the affected areas.

The removal and cleanup occurred over the course of two days.

The Council Bluffs Police Department reports that 4.82 tons of stuff and waste were gathered from homeless encampments. Televisions, bicycle frames, and a variety of household items were collected. There were food containers, syringes, and human waste among the garbage collected.

The waste and objects were discarded to the recycling center. The owners of three computers and ten shopping carts were returned.

There were no arrests made during the removal.

According to the police, law enforcement and the New Visions Homeless Shelter collaborated in July to assist those who would be displaced by the evacuation.

Authorities claim that shelter and other services were offered to the inhabitants during multiple visits. Also, according to the police, the inmates were informed beforehand.

According to the police, some individuals affected by the eviction accepted assistance from New Visions. Some did not. Authorities did not specify the number of displaced individuals or those who accepted aid.

The majority of the campsites were reportedly abandoned prior to their eviction on August 18. Police said they granted dwellers of two of the larger camps an additional day to gather their possessions and vacate before removing them.

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