After severe winter storm in Nebraska, Governor Pete Ricketts issued an Emergency Proclamation on Friday

LINCOLN, Nebraska – As a result of the current winter storm, Governor Pete Ricketts of Nebraska issued an emergency proclamation on Friday for the counties in the Panhandle and North Central regions of the state that have been affected.

The Panhandle and North Central regions of Nebraska were hit by a severe winter storm on Tuesday, December 13, which brought high winds and a significant amount of snow. The storm has caused damage to both privately owned property and publicly owned infrastructure, and it has blocked access to isolated areas, making it more difficult for emergency personnel to reach those areas.

The emergency proclamation of the Governor was signed in order to provide help from the state to enable opening public roadways for health and safety emergencies to remote places within the counties that were impacted.

“Beginning on Tuesday, residents of the Panhandle and North Central regions of Nebraska have been battling with the effects of a powerful winter storm. According to Governor Ricketts, “it poses a risk of cutting off access to our rural hospital patients, health care personnel, and anyone else in these communities who is suffering an emergency.” They will be given assistance in their attempts to maintain the safety of their communities thanks to the emergency proclamation that was issued.

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