After a four-day weekend, Nebraska lawmakers resumed session on Tuesday

NORTH PATTE, Neb. (Nebraska) – Nebraska state senators have approved more than 300 of the approximately 820 bills introduced in this legislative session.

Speaker John Arch attributes part of this successful start to the transition he implemented in which lawmakers spend a full two weeks in all-day committee hearings.

“I see a couple categories of bills coming out of committees,” Arch said. “One is what I would call good government bills. Government, budgets, taxes, and issues surrounding our excess funds both how best to spend them and how to return them to the taxpayer. All those questions regarding taxes and budgets much of the next 60 days.

Rapporteur Arch adds that he and his colleagues have also witnessed a large number of social issues over the past two weeks.

“Some of these will hit the floor, others will take priority,” Arch said. “We will have to address these social issues. Some of these will be the most attention-grabbing things. But even that good government crafting that we’re doing is at least as important as some of those social issues,”

Tuesday marks the 31st day of the 108th Nebraska legislative session. The first item on the agenda is District 42 Sen. Mike Jacobson’s measure that would change the provisions regarding professional service by limited liability companies and professional partnerships (LB 628), according to the Nebraska Legislature Online Update .

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