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Afro Fest took place on Saturday at Stinson Park, vendors offered African apparel, accessories and other handmade items

This year’s Afro Fest in Omaha, Nebraska, was held in Stinson Park on Saturday, and the park was filled with African culture and artifacts.

There were a number of stalls that sold African clothing, accessories, and other types of handcrafted goods.

Along with works of art and even some dancing in front of the Rising Star Stage, there was also an abundance of African food options for you to choose from to satisfy your appetite.

Afro Fest is said to be one of the largest festivals of African culture to be held in the Midwest, according to the event’s organizers. In addition to that, they mentioned that people travel from all around the area and even further afield to check it out.

“We have seen that individuals are traveling all the way from Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, Washington, DC, Des Moines, Iowa, and Kansas City to visit us. According to Joubel Teko, “it simply keeps expanding every single day and we are really grateful.”

In addition, there was a section dedicated to education for guests who were interested in gaining additional knowledge regarding African culture.

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