‘Adoption Day’ took place in Sioux City on Monday, many children found their forever homes

SIOUX CITY – Over one hundred thousand children are now waiting to be adopted in the United States. On Monday evening, a few of those children were finally able to move into their permanent homes.

At the Woodbury County Courthouse, a large number of families came together to finalize their adoptions and celebrate their new additions.

Sioux City hosts an event called “Adoption Day” every year, and Lutheran Services of Iowa works together with the event to assist various families in completing their adoptions. The judges provide their time voluntarily in order to make this competition possible.

In addition to facilitating adoptions, members of the LSI team will host an event during which they will set up craft tables, offer face painting, and celebrate with cake and cookies.

Some of the families have been holding out hope that this day will finally arrive for a very long time. Three years of waiting came to an end for one family, and they were relieved.

“It’s been a wild ride, to say the least, but I’m delighted it’s finally here. “It’s absolutely worth it,” Craig Otto, Ella Mae’s adoptive father, stated in response to the question.

This is Nicki and Craig Otto’s very first experience with adopting a child. When they first encountered Ella Mae, she was just two years old at the time. It was at that point that they initiated the process of adopting a child, but there were a few roadblocks on their path.

“Piles of paperwork, and the need to repeatedly update home studies.” Waiting on a significant amount of documentation. The most important component was the paperwork, followed by the COVID. “Everything put a pressure on things,” said Nicki Otto, who is Ella Mae’s adoptive mother. “Everything put a strain on things.”

The Ottos were able to maintain their relationship with Ella despite the fact that they were forced to wait for three years. On Monday evening, they finally had the opportunity to snap their very first picture as a family unit.

Click on this link if you or someone you know is considering becoming a foster family or adopting a child and would want more information about the process.

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