Adele’s tears were fake: The concerts were canceled for another, but shocking reason!

Covid is not the reason for Adele to cancel the concerts as she explained through tears, but a quarrel!

We still remember – the video that the singer released just a few days ago, when in tears she had to apologize that the two dates of her tour, scheduled for last weekend at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, will be postponed until April. The reason? In that video, Adele explained that in the last two weeks, half of her team have been positive about Covid, which makes organizing concerts very complicated.

But the American “yellow” newspaper TMZ launched an avalanche of serious accusations against the singer.

Namely, the famous American newspaper writes that the cancellation of the tour dates has absolutely nothing to do with Covid, and the real reason was actually a dispute between the singer and the production managers.

Adele in Tears on Instagram: “The show is not ready”, concerts canceled due to coyote

In fact, she was not satisfied with a bunch of organizational things, such as the audio system and even some scenery, to the point that she did not like the production choice to use a choir to accompany Adele’s voice.

According to TMZ sources, the choice of the singer, who happened to cancel the concerts “like a bolt from the blue”, stunned the employees of Caesar Palace, one of the most prestigious hotels in Las Vegas, whose staff worked very hard for months around organizing her concerts.

This information, in turn, further upset, ie angered, Adele’s fans who wonder why she lied to them?

The avalanche is gone, we will see where it will “hit” ..

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