“Adele is spoiled” – the fans disappointed by the British singer

Adele became a favorite of the audience because she was an “ordinary girl from the neighborhood”, but this picture of her seems to be a thing of the past.

Although he was considered one of the “grounded” world stars for years, fans began to realize that there was a change.

Namely, after the cancellation of the concert in Las Vegas, just one day before it took place, the fans of the British superstar are coming to new knowledge.

Fans paid between $ 85,000 and $ 12,000 for tickets, and on the black market the numbers reached 30,000. Many have already arrived in Las Vegas and are shocked by the cancellation.

According to numerous reports coming from Las Vegas, Adele is not a victim of circumstances, but quite the opposite – she is to blame for the delay. A source close to her said that rehearsals for the performance lasted five weeks, but she never came to see the stage.

“She came there three days before the first concert and ‘exploded,'” a source told British media, adding that Adele’s team was also a “total nightmare” in preparation for a three-month stay in the United States. Reportedly, the disagreements between Adele and her management team are constant and quite turbulent.

Adele is known to suffer from anxiety when it comes to live performances, but another cancellation in the series, fans will hardly forgive him.

“This is unforgivable behavior,” “How arrogant she is,” “She could have filled the pool with those tears,” “So, let me tell you briefly, the diva had a fit of rage,” are some of the comments on her tearful post.

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