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Adam M. Koslosky Reflection Garden at Methodist Hospital is perfect place for exhausted doctors and patients

OMAHA, Nebraska – Before colon cancer snatched the life of Omaha Methodist Hospital board member Adam Koslosky in 2018, he and his wife envisioned a tranquil space for patients.

The Adam M. Koslosky Reflection Garden became a reality in October 2020.

“It’s not a memorial garden, and it’s not about Adam’s death,” said Kathy, Adam’s widow. “This is a contemplation garden, and it’s about you coming out here,” the sign reads, “to find sanctuary and rebirth.”

Patients, their relatives, and even fatigued doctors and staff have visited the garden in the two years since its establishment. However, according to Kathy, they had to follow a road that was missing something.

“When they exited the door, they thought they were on a loading dock and were in the wrong location,” she added of the gray concrete path leading from the hospital to the garden. The concept for a mural was proposed when we had this enormous canvas of concrete.

Enter the Joslyn Art Museum’s Kent Bellows Mentoring Program and artist mentor Hugo Zambrano, whose four young artists have planned and are now constructing a new entrance to the garden.

“The concepts were produced by the pupils,” Zambrano stated. “Each individual sketched a unique image, which we then combined.”

The portions of the mural will be connected by flowing, painted river and sky landscapes, all of which will be sprayed with spray paint in great detail, integrating the various styles of the pupils.

“You may observe the styles combining to create something much better.”

Sicily Manganaro, a senior at Millard North High School, has painted murals in the past, but this is her first time doing so collaboratively using spray paint. She stated that Zambrano teaches them about technique and precision, as well as the mural’s purpose: it provides relief to those who are in suffering.

The 17-year-old Manganaro stated, “When I think of a hospital, I think of drab, sad, gray walls, and I feel like this is simply improving the entire place.” “When I first went into this garden, I thought, oh my my, it’s so beautiful, but now it’s much more so.”

“Knowing the backstory of the garden itself, the road, and this gray wall, I think it made them realize that everyone needs a little bit of sunshine every now and then, and so this is a perfect way to bring the brightness inside,” Zambrano said. He anticipates that the work will be finished within the next two weeks.

Kathy Koslosky remarked, “It’s awe-inspiring to see someone like Hugo do precisely what a mentor would do, which is to take a concept and develop it into reality.”

Design for the mural at Methodist Hospital, created by students and mentor with the Kent Bellows Mentoring Program at Joslyn Art Museum.(Hugo Zamorano)

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