Actor Edward Furlong says he is finally doing better

Actor Edward Furlong was a great child star, but today he has failed both physically and professionally

American actor Edward Furlong, to whom the whole world predicted unprecedented success and a bright future after the role of John Connor in the cult “Terminator”, turned 45 years old, and the days of great fame and success are far behind him.

Namely, the former teenage star got involved in a series of scandals and vices, because of which he eventually lost everything he could boast of in his youth – from looks to wealth.

We remember Edward as a child star, highly praised and in demand in Hollywood in the 1990s. Just when the world thought the film industry had found a new big star, in the mid-’90s, Edward stumbled upon opiates – and thus began his descent into addiction and crime.

Today, he lives isolated from the public, and was recently seen walking around Los Angeles in unrecognizable clothes. He tried to hide his face with his hands so that the paparazzi would leave him alone, but they took pictures of him and with the photos caused excitement among fans and the public. Namely, Edward gained too much weight and became neglected after being in prison.

To recall, even though he was rich and famous at one point, the actor’s life was never easy. He had no father, his mother soon lost control over him, and he was cared for by his aunt and uncle until his early teenage years. When he turned 15, he began a relationship with 29-year-old acting teacher Jacqueline Domack during the filming of Terminator.

Over time, she became his manager, but she didn’t do well at the job. Edward starred in several films that failed and received only negative reviews. Due to his relationship with Jacqueline, he quarreled with his family, which ended up in court. Jacqueline eventually became his fiancee, but soon after the business and love relationship ended.

In 1999, she sued him due to financial difficulties, and claimed that he physically abused her.

At the time, the actor was addicted to hard drugs and struggled with alcohol addiction. During that period, his career also went downhill.

After “Terminator” he managed to make another big movie hit “American History X”, but after that due to his addiction he ended up on the black list of agents and no one wanted to work with him anymore. Due to addiction, he was not rehired for the role of John Connor in the new sequel to “Terminator”, which was filmed in 2002.

Since the beginning of 2000, he has been arrested several times for violent behavior, disturbance of public order and peace, possession of drugs and driving under the influence of opiates and alcohol. He admitted to the court that he experienced complete bankruptcy, so he ended up in prison.

Addiction also destroyed his private life. He married actress Rachel Niland in 2006 and they immediately had a son, but three years later Rachel accused Furlong in court of exposing their child to drugs.

The test done on the three-year-old child showed that he was positive for cocaine. He was banned from approaching his ex-wife and received a three-year suspended sentence. In March 2013, he was sentenced to six months in prison after physically assaulting Monica China, his ex-girlfriend. He was offered drug rehabilitation instead of prison, but he chose prison.

“The bravest thing I did was not to take drugs,” said the actor, who today has a fantastic relationship with his son. “People definitely like me better when I’m sober and normal.” I love how simple and beautiful my life is these days. I wake up and I don’t worry about going to jail,” the actor said recently.


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