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Accused of child pornography in two Nebraska counties, former Nebraska trooper faces new charges

OMAHA, Nebraska — Brandon Dolezal, a former member of the Nebraska State Patrol, is now facing additional accusations of child pornography in Douglas County, Nebraska. He has already been charged with the crime in two other counties in Nebraska.

In Scotts Bluff County, Dolezal is being charged with a total of 12 counts related to the possession of child pornography, child maltreatment, and child enticement. The charges against him in Sarpy County are analogous. In Douglas County, he is now being charged with seven different felonies.

The Omaha Police Department has stated that there is an investigation to assist in determining if there are any further victims; hence, 3 News Now is displaying his mugshot in order to do so.

A student is said to have addressed law enforcement in February of the previous year, as stated in an affidavit. He was troubled by the fact that two of the girls he knew were corresponding with an older man on Snapchat.

Interviews conducted by the court, as well as an examination of the information kept by Snapchat, indicated that one of the females had sent sexually explicit photographs to Dolezal, and that their interactions had sexual overtones.

“We have filed charges for sexual assault in the first degree as well as sexual assault in the third degree against a kid. For the sexual assault in the first degree, he faces a sentence of one to 50 years in prison, and for the sexual assault in the third degree, he faces a sentence of one to 10 years in prison. It has a penalty of class 3A. The possible sentence ranges from none to three years for him “said Gage Cobb, Deputy County Attorney for Sarpy County.

This week, a police investigation revealed that a high school student who went to Lake Zorinsky with Dolezal after leaving school with her. The student then reported that Dolezal had sexually assaulted her, and she was brought in for an interview at Project Harmony as a result of her allegations.

“Even if an adult has a job title that suggests they should be trusted, such as a teacher, a doctor, or a coach, this does not guarantee that they are trustworthy. That trust is in fact something that must be earned “Angela Roeber, who works with Project Harmony, commented on it.

According to the Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, who spoke with 3 News Now, the charges against Dolezal include seven different felonies. These include six counts of first-degree sexual assault on a child and one act of using a communication device in connection with sexual assault.

The Smart Gen Society is an organization for young people that focuses on the responsible use of social media. The company’s creator and current CEO discussed some of the risks associated with the widely used software.

“Anyone in the Snapchat universe can know exactly where another user is at any given moment, accurate to within 20 feet and down to the minute. And if you upgrade to a more expensive premium subscription plan, you’ll be able to track their every move over the course of a single day, right down to their home address and even the exact location of their bedroom within their residence “explained Smart Gen Society’s Amie Konwinski.

The OPD reveals to 3 News An investigation has been launched in order to ascertain whether or if there are any further victims. According to Project Harmony, the most important thing that parents can do for their children’s internet safety is to talk to them about it.

“When an adult pays attention to a youngster, validates the child’s emotions, and creates an environment in which the child feels safe, trust is established. As parents, we have the ability to assist our children in locating those reliable persons in their lives “Roeber remarked.

On Friday morning, Mr. Dolezal is set to make his initial court appearance in the Douglas County Court.

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