Abortion Rights Activist Passes, Record $159 Million TIF, Dog’s Fear Explained

Omaha, NE – The City of Omaha has allocated a record amount of $159 million in deferred taxes for developers in 2022, a historic high in tax increment finance dollars. The allocation is set to give a boost to developers in the region and drive economic growth, according to reports.

Meanwhile, the Unicameral is set to make a race to the finish with only 20 days left and major legislation on the chopping block. The situation is fast-paced, and legislators are working hard to get the last few pieces of critical legislation passed before the session ends.

One of the nation’s best-known abortion providers, who advocated from Bellevue, has passed away at the age of 81. The individual was a prominent abortion advocate and was widely recognized for her contributions to the cause.

The Alpine Inn, an Omaha institution, is celebrating 50 years of serving customers and creatures alike with its signature fried chicken. This milestone is a testament to the dedication and hard work of The Alpine Inn’s staff and management.

Memorial Park has also unveiled a new statue called “Embracing Peace.” The 26-foot-tall, 35,000-pound statue depicts a famous but non-consensual V-Day kiss in the streets of New York.

Upcoming events in the region include Nebraska Bird Month, which kicks off with its inaugural Birding Bowl. Competitors can win various prizes, ranging from bird feeders to a $1,000 cash prize. Attendees are encouraged to get the updated booster shot before attending any of the events.

In local government news, the Omaha City Council will hold a hearing on May 2 to vote on the permanent removal of Councilmember Vinny Palermo as Vice President of the body. Palermo was temporarily removed from the position last week and faces calls for his resignation and a recall effort.

Finally, a recent report by Pew Research Center indicates that one-third of Americans have paid to use online dating platforms, according to Harper’s Index.

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