A woman thanks her newborn son for discovering a brain tumor that could change her life

A new mom thanked her baby for saving her after doctors removed a fast-growing brain tumor before it was too late. Abi Naylor, 28, began suffering from excruciating migraines a week after the birth of her son Roman.

She said, “After a few days, I could barely see or walk.”

So she was rushed to the hospital, where a scan showed she had a tumor about three inches in size and needed urgent surgery.

The shocked couple were told that the growth of the tumor had accelerated due to her pregnancy hormones and was close to permanent nerve damage. If he stayed longer, he could become inoperable and cause serious problems with fine motor skills and facial muscles.

Doctors removed the entire tumor in four hours of surgery, and it turned out to be benign, so Abi does not need further treatment.

The couple were overjoyed to welcome their son after a miscarriage in 2021 and the birth of their first stillborn child. Abi, a workplace mentor from Congleton, Cheshire, said: “We have no idea how long the tumor has been around and growing.

“Doctors believe that hormones and birth stress accelerated the growth of the tumor. If not for the pregnancy, it could grow longer and cause more damage. My little boy saved my life.”

Her husband Ross said: “I dread to imagine what would have happened if Roman hadn’t come. He’s a little hero.”

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