a “very small number” of customers and employees was compromised after hackers breached into American Airlines system

The city of Fort Worth, Texas — The personal information of a “very tiny number” of American Airlines customers and workers has been compromised, according to the airline.

The organization stated that there is no evidence that the attackers abused any of the compromised personal information.

According to Montana law enforcement officials, American informed customers last week that the data breach was detected in July. American stated that it had secured the compromised accounts and recruited a cybersecurity firm to conduct an investigation.

American informed its clients that the hijacked email accounts may have contained their date of birth, driver’s license and passport numbers, as well as the medical information they submitted.

American stated that affected clients were offered two years of identity theft protection coverage.

The airline declined to disclose the precise number of individuals whose personal information was compromised or the type of the leaked information.

American Airlines is aware of a phishing campaign that resulted in unauthorized access to a small number of team member mailboxes, according to American Airlines spokesperson Curtis Blessing. “Very few personal details of customers and staff were present in these email accounts.

American is implementing “new technical precautions to prevent a similar occurrence from occurring in the future,” according to Blessing.

American’s headquarters is in Fort Worth, Texas.

With summer vacations coming to a close, airlines are depending on the return of more business travelers to sustain their pandemic recovery through the fall.

Air travel in the United States has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels, thanks to the influx of tourists.

It is uncertain how much longer vacationers will be able to afford to fly at their current rate due to inflation and the steep jump in prices this year. According to airlines, there are no indications of a leisure travel slowdown.

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