A therapy presented at the European Cancer Congress reportedly shows great results in treating cancer

A new autoimmune therapy is showing fantastic results in clinical trials for patients with advanced cancer, with patients treated with nivolumab showing much greater resistance than chemotherapy.

Nivolumab therapy was presented at the European Cancer Congress, showing that it has so far shown excellent results in treating neck, head and kidney cancer, and can be combined with other drugs. This forces the body’s own immune system to fight cancer and remove damaged cells.

Professor Paul Workman of the Institute of Cancer Research UK, who led the research, appealed to the authorities to allow the regulation to speed up the production of nivolumab as soon as possible. For now, nivolumab is helping to extend the lives of severely ill patients who are not expected to live more than three months with their disease, giving hope that with more time the disease can be beaten.

Also, the negative effects on the body are smaller than with chemotherapy and other aggressive immunotherapies.

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