A student took a selfie for 4 years and sold the pictures as NFT

Sultan Gustaf Al Gozali is a computer science student in Indonesia and has made a fortune by photographing for four years. So he created about 1000 selfies from in front of his computer.

He transformed the entire collection of photos into NFT and released them for sale. The 22-year-old suspected that someone would buy him the paintings, but still set a price of only 0.00001 ETH, which equates to only $ 3.

“I can not believe that people really bought my NFT photos, 35 of them have already been sold in one day,” Al Gozali wrote.

Over 200 selfies were sold on the same day on the OpenSea platform, but then hundreds more were purchased in the following days. Its NFT is now priced at 4ETH, which equates to $ 11,300. The whole Ghozali Everyday is estimated at 374ETH, i.e. $ 1 million.

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