A staunch critic of Putin died in the United States, the police are investigating the case

A fierce critic of Vladimir Putin and exiled investment banker, Dan Rapoport, 52, has passed away. After leaving Russia, police confirmed that Rapoport died in Washington.

Just before 6 p.m., he was discovered in front of a Georgetown luxury apartment building. Prior to that, the authorities had received a report that a person had jumped from the building, according to Independent. Rapoport was treated by emergency responders at the scene before being transported to the hospital.

He was subsequently declared deceased there. The death of Dan Rapoport is still under investigation, according to a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman.

At the time of his death, Rapoport possessed a broken cell phone, glasses, a driver’s license, and $2,620 in cash, according to the police report obtained by The Independent.

Former editor of the Russian magazine Tatler, Junia Pugacheva, reported Rapoport’s death through Telegram. Pugacheva alleges that his dog was discovered near his Washington house with money and a note of farewell. According to reports, Allen Rapoport’s widow has denied that her husband committed suicide.

She told the Russian news outlet RBC that the investigation into her husband’s death is underway and there are no suicide notes or indications of foul play. “Unfortunately, our daughter’s father and husband have passed away,” the widow told RBC.

Rapoport left Russia in 2012 because to his support for Alexei Navalny, a pro-democracy activist and Putin opponent. After that, he purchased Washington real estate, which he eventually sold to Ivanka Trump.

After selling the property, Rapoport relocated to Kiev, where he met his future wife, the Ukrainian virologist Alena. She claims that she and her daughter were to meet her husband in the United States. Bill Browder, a prominent Putin critic, came to Twitter to report Rapoport’s death.

“This is extremely upsetting news. He was among the first investors I met in Moscow who publicly supported Navalny. “Rest in peace, Dan,” tweeted Browder.

Dan Rapoport was born in Latvia during the Soviet era. In 1980, his family was granted political asylum in the United States.

Rapoport attended the University of Houston and moved to Russia in the 1990s, where he worked in the gas industry and was involved in finance, according to Index.

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