A small dietary supplement that can help burn visceral fat in “days” – “low fat”.

Labeled as harmful, visceral fat is a harbinger of serious health problems, from heart disease to diabetes. Toxicity is related to the location of the wen – deep inside your abdomen. While you may not be able to see this type of fat, it’s important to keep it to a minimum. Luckily, research shows that a certain type of food can help burn it.

Whether you enjoy toast or pair them with a salad, beans are a delicious, versatile treat that’s also very affordable.

Loaded with iron and antioxidants, beans are high in protein and fiber while keeping their calorie content low.

If that’s not enough to convince you to add simple food to your weekly menu, a study published in the journal Nutrients could do just that.

A study found that kidney beans can help reduce harmful belly fat in “days.”

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The research team studied the effects of beans on visceral obesity in rats due to the “low fat content” of the diet.

In case you’re not familiar, obesity describes having too much or too much fatty tissue in your body.

In total, the researchers settled on three experiments to track the effects of a bean diet in animal models.

In the first and second experiments, rats were fed either boiled whole beans or cooked processed beans in powder form.

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These first two trials lasted 26 and 29 days, respectively. The third experiment, which lasted 25 days, also included a bean regimen.

The results showed that following the pulse protocol reduced visceral adipose tissue and even made the rats lighter.

The researchers said: “Legumes such as the common bean are staple food crops that are neglected in many Western societies that are experiencing a pandemic increase in the prevalence of obesity.

“The common bean has specific anti-obesogenic activity that may reduce the impact of obesity on chronic disease in overweight or obese individuals.

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“And potentially reduce the risk of weight gain in adults by inhibiting lipid accumulation.” [fats] with deposition of visceral fat [areas]”.

However, the study also added that more research is currently needed to establish a strong link between beans and weight loss.

Also, a caveat to this study is that it only looked at animal models, not humans.

However, legumes are generally a good source of protein and dietary fiber, while remaining “very low in fat”.

According to the National Library of Medicine, protein has also previously been associated with visceral fat loss.

Various studies show that people who eat more protein tend to have less visceral fat.

The reason protein can help with weight loss is because of how your body breaks it down.

Protein has a complex chemical structure, so the body breaks it down slowly, which helps you feel full longer.

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