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A Quick Look at Steelhouse Omaha, Scheduled to Open in Spring

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Construction on a new $104 million concert hall near downtown Omaha is nearing completion.

When you enter the auditorium, the first thing you notice is the bright purple lights and the eye-catching stage. No matter where you stand or sit, there is no bad place.

“If you want to eat or drink, there are eateries on each side.”

Omaha Performing Arts senior vice president and chief financial officer Arnold Reeves said it’s all part of the experience.

“It will be a great place for the community, where events that can traditionally take place in the city, either at Holland or at the Orpheum, can come to this place and reimagine what they do,” said Reeves.

Crews have almost finished building a house for die-hard music lovers and artists. They plan to offer something regardless of your musical tastes. This includes indie, hip-hop, country, rock and more.

“This gives Omaha another opportunity for these artists to drive through the region,” Reeves said.

Its size distinguishes it from any other in the city. This is the sweet spot for activities that are either too big or too small for other places. The main floor will be able to accommodate 2,700 people, while another 300 will be able to immerse themselves in music from the balcony.

They plan to host 90 to 100 events each year to attract 150,000 people annually. They specifically want to target the 18 to 45 demographic.

“We are looking forward to our launch event on May 12th,” Reeves said.

Steelhouse will open its doors to the community with rock band The Killers.

Reeves said that this is the beginning of the transformation of the subway music scene.

Tickets for the first concert on May 12 will go on sale this Friday.

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