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A pregnant woman fell under the floor of a military building

FORT CARSON, CO (KKTV/Gray News) — A pregnant woman says she fell through the floor of a military building in Fort Carson, landing in the basement, and now the family is moving in after months back and forth with a property manager and the army.

Jordan Martin said that since the family moved into the lease, they have been trying to resolve service issues with Balfour’s management company Beatty Communities for almost three years. She was standing on the hatch leading underground on the cabinet floor when it gave way.

“I grabbed some paper towels and fell through them. It was just a cloud of dust that hit my face,” Martin said.

She received a few bruises and scrapes, but said the emotional loss was much worse.

“I no longer felt comfortable living here. They didn’t listen to me. Nothing is being done; the way they treat the residents is just awful,” Martin added.

Balfour Beatty Communities said in a statement that they received a work order regarding the leak on Feb. 9, responded immediately and found a leak in the bypass space.

“After the inspection, the tenant stood on the door of the underground hatch located in the closet, and indeed fell several feet into the underground. Fortunately, she was not hurt,” the statement said. “Having found a leak, we immediately moved the family to temporary housing while we were doing repairs. When the renovations were completed, our team and representatives from the army took the family around the house to do a final quality check and review all the work that had been done.

“Since all parties have stated that they are satisfied, the family returned to the house and no additional problems were reported to us.”

The Balfour Beatty communities also stated that the family had raised concerns about asbestos in the flooring.

“Asbestos was commonly used in homes built before 1980. Our teams, led by our environmental specialists, conduct pre-repair testing to make sure the job is done safely and any hazardous material is handled properly,” they said. “The house was also inspected by our team and the army to confirm that residents can safely return after the leak is repaired; however, we understand that residents have now decided to move outside the base.”

Real estate services company stated that his primary concern is the health and safety of residents, and he continues to work closely with Army partners and Fort Carson Command to ensure people are safe and comfortable in their homes.

Fort Carson Command said in a statement that they were aware of a housing complaint.

“During the incident, representatives of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of the Office of Public Works, as well as environmental specialists, were walking through the house with the family. All parties were satisfied with the work done,” the command said. “We will continue to communicate with the family to help mitigate any further issues with the Balfour Beatty communities.

“Every soldier and family deserves a safe, environmentally friendly home to live in. The health, well-being and safety of our soldiers and families is a top priority for Fort Carson.”

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