A nurse in Italy fake-vaccinated people for only 400 euros, caught on hidden camera

Italian police have caught a group of fraudsters with the help of which many Italians have received Covid-19 certificates without being vaccinated. According to the police investigation, people from all over Italy came to the vaccination center in Ancona, where they paid 400 euros each for a “fake sting”.

The nurse who was supposed to inject them with the vaccine emptied the cotton syringe, which she then threw in a trash can. She glued a patch to the patient and gave him a “green pass”.

As seen in the video released by the police, the nurse pretends to inject, but instead empties the syringe next to the patient’s hand.

Following the investigation, the 51-year-old sister ended up in pre-trial detention, while four people, including a 53-year-old lawyer from Ancona, who mediated the fraud, ended up under house arrest.

As part of the operation, which began in December, police are investigating about 50 people who have been ordered not to leave the region and to report to the local police station on a daily basis. Police also seized 18,000 euros collected from people who paid for the “vaccine”.

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