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A mother of five was brutally murdered while studying the Bible, but not before she declared, “God rebuilt my life from scratch”

A 41-year-old woman was brutally stabbed to death during a family Bible study on Tuesday evening, and her own husband was arrested for the murder. If this had happened a few years ago, it would have been even more tragic than it already – obviously – was.

But Corrina Woodhull, a former drug addict, has come a long way in these few years and has trusted Jesus Christ to change her life.

“God restored my life from scratch. In freedom.. Redemption and forgiveness. From addiction… Depression… Despair… Abuse… And hopelessness,” she said in a deposition “less than a year ago,” according to a Facebook post from the anti-controversy ministry.

“I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus until I went into treatment voluntarily 3 years ago… I was desperate for addiction,” she reportedly said.

“He redeemed and turned me into a new creation… restored what I never suspected… turned depression into Hope… turned despair into redemption… turned my pain into a goal.”

It sounds like the words of a woman who was ready to meet her Maker, even if that meeting was forced on her much sooner than it should have been, and in a regrettably nefarious way.

St. Paul police responded to the message stabbing at the residence around 9:00 pm Tuesday. They found Woodhull with “serious injuries to the torso, chest and arms,” ​​according to the criminal complaint, cited by VKSO.

They also found Robert Castillo, Woodhull’s husband and a man with great history of violenceheld on the floor by several people.

Woodhull and Castillo came to the weekly family bible study together, according to the suspect’s sister, who arranges a meeting.

According to the criminal case, Castillo whispered something in his wife’s ear during the examination, then drew a knife and attacked her until other family members stepped in to disarm and restrain him.

“Another witness at the Bible study says they think Castillo would have stabbed the others if he hadn’t been disarmed,” WCCO reports, again citing the complaint.

In addition to five children, Woodhull will be mourned by members drug addiction a recovery group that, according to Against the Odds Ministries founder Phil Tyler, “improved thanks to Woodhull’s enthusiastic involvement,” reports WCCO.

“Sometimes it takes courage to step out of our comfort zone, and I always tell people that your story can change someone’s life,” Tyler told WCCO. “Corinna treated people with love and support and was a beacon of hope for them.”

Castillo is a convicted felon with a history of violent crime. He already has eight criminal convictions on his record and had an outstanding warrant at the time of his arrest on Tuesday.

He also recently failed to appear at a pre-trial hearing on charges of assaulting a prison guard while in custody.

Tyler said his organization is working on a fundraising project to help support Woodhull’s five children. Readers interested in helping with this can contact the organization directly through their facebook page.

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