A Colorado sheriff’s deputy is dead after a fatal hit-and-run collision involving an illegal alien who allegedly fled the scene of the accident

Weld County, Colorado – A Colorado sheriff’s deputy was killed in a hit-and-run accident involving an illegal immigrant who allegedly fled the scene.

Alexis Hein-Nutz, deputy sheriff of Weld County, was only 24 years old. The Denver Post reports that Hein-Nutz, a resident of Bismarck, North Dakota, was driving to work on Sunday when a van struck her motorcycle.

After the tragic Sunday crash, authorities apprehended Norberto Garcia-Gonzales on Monday evening.

According to CBS Colorado, he is expected to face charges of abandoning the scene of a fatal collision and reckless driving resulting in death.

KFYR-TV reports that investigators seized a fake green card and a fake social security card from the vehicle driven by Gonzalez-Garcia. Octavio Gonzalez-Garcia was initially misidentified as the culprit, according to The Denver Gazette.

Wednesday, a Weld County law enforcement officer told Fox News that investigators suspect Garcia-Gonzales is an illegal immigrant.

After the collision, Capt. Matt Turner of the Weld County North Jail Complex accuses Garcia-Gonzales of attempting to evade justice.

Is Biden accountable for the murders of U.S. citizens?

All of these factors made it originally extremely impossible for our team to investigate the incident. “They had no idea who was driving because he fled into a cornfield and vanished,” Turner told Fox & Friends host Todd Piro.

Fox News reports that Garcia-Gonzales had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court and had previously been jailed for DUI.

According to National Review, as a contender for president in 2020, Joe Biden argues against the deportation of illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving.

Under Biden’s administration, deportations themselves have been slashed. In fiscal year 2021, Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 55,590 illegal immigrants from the country, which is less than a third of the 185,889 they removed in fiscal year 2020 while Donald Trump was president.

According to Fox News, Turner is unhappy that the suspect was let to continue committing crimes in the neighborhood.

“From the standpoint of law enforcement, it’s frustrating, but I wonder how the community feels about it. How discouraged are they?

In 2018, the Washington Times reported that 13 percent of the total federal jail population consisted of illegal aliens.

Turner told Piro that Garcia-Gonzales was arrested with Hein-handcuffs. Nutz’s

According to Fox News, the jail official stated, “I’m holding her handcuffs right now, and I believe that demonstrates that she was a team player.”

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