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A child development center to be build in Griswold, initiative by local residents and parents of young children

GRISWOLD, Iowa. — In Griswold, Iowa, there is a distinct sense of community. What is challenging, though, is the absence of child care. The fact that there is only one in-home provider in the area is problematic for parents.

“There are families that travel up to an hour to bring their child to daycare. That is prior to work. And maybe missing out on work and opportunities because they lack access to nearby child care and cannot leave their children off before school begins “President of the Noble Initiative Foundation Jared Wyman stated.

According to a poll, 84 parents in the region declined employment or a promotion owing to a lack of assistance.

The school district is aware of it. Some parents have left altogether. According to one parent, these losses are generating a domino effect.

“Each pupil is worth approximately $7,000 in support from the state. If we send out 70 students, we must pay those funds to other school districts. By keeping them here, the money stays in the community “Bierbaum added.

Here’s a solution for the city: a year-round child development center with space for 100 children aged 6 weeks to 12 years.

“There will be four rooms for children of various ages, plus a half-gymnasium. Try to utilize a nearby playground for the younger children, and we will cooperate with the school to use their playground for the older children “Wyman added.

There is hope that this project will alleviate some parental tension.

“I am currently driving to Lewis, which is five miles away. It’s still out of the way, next town. It would be convenient to have anything in town. Particularly for those parents who currently transport their children to school “Bierbaum remarked.

Parents are forming a community to care for all children.

They have raised approximately $1 million for the center thus far. The total price tag will exceed $2 million. Late October is scheduled for the groundbreaking, and the center could open in the spring of 2024.

Here is the mailing address for donations: Noble Initiative Foundation PO Box 103 Griswold, IA 51535

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