A brand new flag to honor fallen Chicago police officers now drapes over the Kennedy Expressway near West Town

CHICAGO, Illinois – Near West Town, the Kennedy Expressway is now adorned with a brand-new flag that flies in memory of law enforcement officers who have been killed while on the job.

A flag-raising ceremony was held on Saturday morning at the 1100 block of West Grand, and it was conducted by the Honor Guard and Pipes & Drums of the Chicago Police Department.

“How many thousands of cars pass by exactly here on Kennedy Boulevard every hour, and how many of them see this American flag and this police flag? I believe that it is very large “said Bob Bettinardi.

At least one month will pass while the flag is flying. The department views it as a sign of unity at a time when officers say they could use it the most, and they see it as a sign of unity.

Officer Mundo Mendoza of the Chicago Police Department shared the following: “We work hard to protect and serve on a daily basis, and although it’s difficult, symbols like this, when you pass on the highway, whether you’re on the road, it reminds you why you’re here.”

It is a sacrifice that they make every day, and throughout the history of the Chicago Police Department, there have been 595 officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Bettinardi has expressed his gratitude for this kind gesture of service.

“I believe being here for the for the police officers who are under enormous pressure and stress, and to demonstrate that that we love them and we support them is huge for the,” Bettinardi said. “I think that being here for the for the for the police officers who are under tremendous strain and stress.”

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