A big weekend for volleyball fans as the NCAA Volleyball Final Four Tournament is coming to the CHI Health Center in Omaha

OMAHA, Nebraska — An exciting weekend is in store for volleyball lovers as the Final Four Tournament of the NCAA Volleyball Championship will be held at the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

Despite the fact that the University of Nebraska did not advance to the final four, the staff is anticipating a healthy turnout.

“We have audiences that are going to come down here and join us on Thursday and Saturday, even if the tickets are all sold out.” “MECA’s Communications Director, Kristyna Engdahl, made this statement. “There is going to continue to be some fantastic volleyball played. You can rely on these teams to put up an entertaining performance.”

It is anticipated that sixteen thousand individuals will be present at the CHI Health Center. According to Engdahl, spectators who intend to attend the games should arrive at the event center approximately one hour and thirty minutes before the start of the first game.

“The admittance process will be significantly slowed down if everyone arrives late at the same time,” stated the manager “she remarked. “Additionally, our clear bag policy is still strictly enforced.”

The first game will be between San Diego and Texas, and the second game will be between Pittsburgh and Louisville. On Saturday night, the two players who emerged victorious from those matches will go head-to-head for the national volleyball championship.

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