A bakery in Omaha started interesting trend to boost business, make your own cinnamon rolls

OMAHA, Nebraska — Today is National Cinnamon Roll Day, and The Omaha Bakery is introducing a new product: cinnamon rolls that can be customized.

So it is up to you whether you want Oreos, chocolate sauce, or orange frosting on your roll.

The bakery explained what inspired the new offerings.

“It seems as though a great number of individuals desired different types of frosting on their cinnamon rolls. And we followed the traditional almond recipe, which was handed down from my grandmother. “Since so many customers requested cream cheese icing or bacon on their peanut butter roll, we were able to combine the two,” said owner Michelle Kaiser.

There are four types of cinnamon rolls available. Choose one or more of their nine frosting varieties and one of their fourteen topping selections to complete your order.

The customizable rolls will be available at both locations.


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