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A 68-year-old Omaha man pleaded guilty for starting fire back in 2019 resulting with one person killed, report

Omaha, NE – A 68-year-old Omaha man is facing up to seven decades in prison for the death of his wife who died in a fire back in 2019, multiple reports say.

According to the incident report, the fatal fire took place in 2019 when the suspect, identified as Carl Bohm, started fire on purpose leading to death of his wife.

Bohm admits he started the fire that damaged his home and injured his wife and daughter. His wife died from her injuries after more than two years in the hospital.

As per the plea deal, Bohm is now facing first-degree arson and attempted first-degree assault. In return, a third charge was dropped.

According to court documents, Bohn had previously threatened to burn down the house and a protection order requested by his wife was dismissed.

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