A 25 years later, “Titanic” star still earns from the one of the most popular movies ever made

Actor Reese Thompson made his acting debut 25 years ago when he appeared on Titanic as a five-year-old boy.

The film portrays a lower-class Irish boy as he and his family fail to board lifeboats and leave a sinking ship.

Rees revealed that even after 25 years of filming, he still earns from that role.

“I still get money from ‘Titanic’, I get checks in the amount of $ 100 or $ 200 and that is always a good surprise,” Rees told Business Insider.

His role in the film was significant because it portrayed the tragedy of the poorest passengers who lost their lives on the Titanic.

Rees now works in the field of digital marketing and owns a ski resort. He started his career as a child model and got a contract with an agency after winning a competition, the agent then offered two options to the parents, Reese to appear in a gas station ad or on the “Titanic”.

The film grossed over $2 billion and won 11 Oscars, while Thompson receives several hundred dollars each year.

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