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A 19-year-old teenager was shot dead by his father after he allegedly broke into a house with his mother and children inside

A Kentucky homeowner shot and killed a 19-year-old man who allegedly broke into his home in the middle of the night while his wife and children were sleeping in their bedrooms.

Lexington police officers arrived at the home around 1:10 a.m. Monday, responding to a report of a burglary. WKYT-TV in Lexington.

When the police arrived, they found a 19-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds inside the house.

“The suspect was declared deceased at the scene,” the Lexington Police Department said in a statement. facebook post.

The man has since been identified as Oscar Daniel Wilds, according to WKYT. Authorities said he and the landlord did not know each other.

The investigation is ongoing.

However, it is unlikely that any charges will be brought against the owner of the house. Kentucky”stand your ground” law allows residents to use lethal force against intruders if they believe such force is necessary to protect against death, serious bodily harm, kidnapping, or rape.

This case is tragic. It is extremely sad that a 19-year-old teenager died after allegedly breaking into someone’s home. It’s too young to die.

Is crime on the rise in America?

However, if not for the care of the homeowner. Second amendment the right to own and use firearms in self-defense, this home invasion could have ended in the senseless murder of an entire family.

Indeed, it is situations like these that show why the right to bear arms is critical, especially as crime escalates across the country amid historical inflation and rising social unrest.

Food prices and the overall cost of living skyrocketed under Joe. Biden’s failed presidencytherefore, it is not surprising that there was a concomitant surge in crime across the country.

In crime-infested Democratic-run cities like New York and Philadelphia, stores like Rite of Help And wava were forced to close several outlets due to massive shoplifting.

What is worrying is that the Democrats are relentlessly seeking to undermine our Second Amendment right to self-defense after they demonized and de-emphasized and emboldened the police. iniquity with their soft crime policy.

This is a losing strategy for the nation and its citizens.

To make matters worse, Biden continues to ignore America’s tragic origins while staged photo shoots in Ukraine to support another costly and deadly war abroad.

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