6 Zodiac signs that are found to be the best liars

There are signs when someone is “skilled” in lying and you should definitely be careful to protect yourself from their network of scams.

Here are the signs of the Zodiac that are the biggest “liars”:


Of all the characters on this list, Bulls are the least likely to lie. However, it is bad that when they do, they will probably stay with their story until the bitter end.

– The bull is ruled by another house of values, which means that morality is incredibly important to them. However, if Taurus believes that lying will help him achieve his goal, he has no problem lying from time to time – says the famous astrologer Lauren Ash.

However, be careful: if you catch them lying, be prepared to face them, make sure you have evidence.


As with Taurus, if you decide to confront Scorpio, be prepared and find evidence they will not be able to defeat.

“The great impact they have on people allows them to say exactly what others want to hear,” Lauren said.

Scorpios can be charmers who “know how to use words and cunning to get closer to the desired goal.”


Known as an emotional sign, Cancers can use these characteristics to their advantage.

– Nobody knows how to come up with a poignant story like Cancer. “Their maternal intuition can become a weapon in the war of words,” Lauren explains.

When in the corner of the truth, Cancers often avoid admitting guilt or even opting for a verbal attack to divert the flow of the conversation.


It is no secret that Lions love to talk. Because of their drama, they have an advantage over other characters when it comes to communication.

The proud Leo, driven by a creative fifth house and under the influence of fire energy, “would lie a hundred times to protect his ego rather than admit he was caught in a lie.” So prepare your “lie detectors”.

“Once they decide to lie, they will put all their energy into presenting their version of the truth,” Lauren said.


Do not let Virgo deceive you. Yes, the earth sign often flies under the radar, but as the astrologer says, Virgo is cunning and probably the best at lying of all the signs.

“What makes Virgo different is her sharp eye for detail and her ability to think fast on her feet,” she said.

Virgos are equally good at inventing, but also discovering lies in other people.


And the biggest liars of all are: The twins, who are constantly said to be hypocritical. And because they are governed by communicative and intellectual Mercury, Gemini is “blessed with the gift of chatter,” meaning they are good speakers.

“They know how to adapt their words to suit every situation, or if the situation demands it, they will play ‘devil’s lawyer,'” Lauren said.

In addition, Gemini is not necessarily prone to lying, but when they do, facts and fiction will merge, writes MSN.

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