6-month-old baby given cells to help her fight cancer

It is hoped that umbilical cord cells will help little Wendy Lou Smith’s immune system fight the disease. Wendy Lu, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at just 15 weeks, has already amazed doctors by going into remission in the last two months after debilitating chemotherapy.

But because she has a very rare genetic mutation, her only chance of survival is a pioneering treatment in America.

Meanwhile, Wendy Lou’s umbilical cord transplant at Glasgow Children’s Hospital will buy her a life-saving time as her family tries to raise £500,000 for CAR T-cell therapy.

Her mother, Sammy Jo Smith, 30, who lives in Kidderminster, Works, with partner Gavin, 36, said: “Due to her mutation, Wendy Lou will relapse.

“So this is really her only chance for true long-term survival.

“Now she is in remission and the doctors never expected her to be so well behaved, so she surprises everyone.

“The umbilical cord transplant will give her more time, but she is such a fighter that in the future she can improve the situation even more.

“However, we are still raising funds because, at the moment, cell therapy is her only long-term option.”

The treatment in the US is that the T cells of the patient’s immune system are taken from the blood and replaced in the laboratory so that they attack their cancer counterparts.

Because they remain in the body for months after treatment is completed, they can lead to long-term remission in some types of blood cancer.

Sammy Jo, who lost her 27-year-old sister Megan to cancer in September, added: “We are not going to lose this battle and we will do our best to save Wendy Lou.”

  • You can donate to the fundraiser by visiting the GoFundMe family website.

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