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48-year-old woman from Omaha, who was police officer for 22 years, arrested for carjacking and robbery, police

OMAHA, Nebraska – A former city police officer who was discharged six years ago for robbery has been arrested.

48-year-old former officer Wendy Redding, according to the OPD investigation, was involved in a carjacking. After 22 years with the Omaha Police Department, Redding was dismissed in 2016.

She is presently detained in the Douglas County Jail for her court appearance on Friday.

Monday night, according to the police report, authorities spoke with a 37-year-old woman near 90th and Dodge streets who said Redding attempted to strike her with a white vehicle. When she stopped, Redding reportedly grabbed her by the arm, dragged her from the Cadillac Escalade, and fled in the SUV, according to the complaint.

According to court filings, the SUV belongs to Dusten Schaffer, 40, a previous lover of Redding. Schaffer is now incarcerated for breaching a restraining order issued by Redding.

He stated that he authorized the other woman to drive his truck.

The former Omaha cop and the truck’s owner dated in the past, and according to a protective order application filed in June, Redding claimed Schaffer had regularly threatened to murder her; she had 12 hours of threatening messages stored on her phone.

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