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47-year-old Dayton man was arrested after released from hospital for shooting and injuring a Richmond police officer a month ago

DAYTON, Ohio — The man who is accused of shooting a police officer in Richmond a month ago has been moved from the hospital to a local jail after being discharged from the facility.

On August 10, 2017, during a traffic check, Phillip Lee, age 47, is accused of shooting and killing Seara Burton, age 28, who was a police officer.

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According to the Richmond Police Department, Burton is still present in the hospice where she is battling for her life.

Lee, who was transferred to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment until he was well enough to be discharged and put into custody after he was shot by police in Richmond, who fired back at the suspects at the scene and shot Lee.

According to the register of the Montgomery County Jail, Lee was processed and booked into the facility on September 10.

Lee is currently out on parole after being released from his most recent spell in prison in December.

This parole has been violated by the allegations that he is currently facing in connection with the shooting of Burton, which include attempted murder.

His record of criminal activity in Indiana is extensive and dates back to the year 1994.

An extradition hearing for Lee is scheduled to take place in Dayton.

This is done to ensure that he is taken into custody by the Indiana Department of Corrections so that he can begin serving a new prison sentence for violating the terms of his parole.

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