40 firefighters from O’Neill and other nearby communities attended training for natural gas fire safety this week

O’NEILL, Nebraska – This week, dozens of firemen received natural gas fire training.

More than 40 firefighters from O’Neill and other adjacent villages participated in natural gas fire safety training, as reported by Black Hills Energy, a natural gas utility.

Black Hills Energy led the training session. According to them, the training allowed workers to learn more about reacting to an unusual form of fire.

Don Nordell, operations manager at Black Hills Energy, stated, “Natural gas has a good safety record, and fires are uncommon.” This training exercise is the best approach to learn the characteristics of natural gas and gain experience combating a natural gas fire.

Crews utilized hoses and chemical extinguishers to put out a controlled natural gas fire as part of their training. The natural gas was originating from a pipe located beneath an old automobile. According to Black Hills Energy, this exercise imitated what occurs when a vehicle collides with a gas meter.

Black Hills Energy asserts that it has previously provided training for Nebraska firemen.

“We work closely with municipal, county, and state emergency responders,” said Nordell. “This training is another way we foster and strengthen the tight relationships and coordination required to properly manage a natural gas crisis.”

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