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$4 million in ARPA funds will help Omaha’s Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable housing

OMAHA, Nebraska — “I couldn’t be more excited about it. I am really, super delighted, “said Sandra Dawson, an Omaha native.

Dawson, who has spent more than three decades making her home in North Omaha, expressed delight upon learning that she would soon have new neighbors.

“What was taking place astounded me; there are three houses being constructed on this block, and then there is a fourth one being constructed on the corner of the opposite side of the street. It’s almost like the coming together of a small community “Dawson added.

All of the homes are being constructed at an inexpensive price by Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, and it is anticipated that many of the homes will be finished by the year 2023.

“It seems more important than ever before because of the rising housing prices, now that interest rates have gone up, and people in Omaha, people who are hard at work, are being priced out of affordable housing,” said Amanda Brewer, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Omaha. “Interest rates have gone up, and people in Omaha are being priced out of affordable housing.”

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Habitat for Humanity of Omaha was awarded $4 million in funds to continue its work constructing affordable houses in the local community.

“We are using this as a chance to harness the support of individuals and donations and volunteers and neighbors,” said Brewer, adding that this will allow the organization to accomplish even more good in the neighborhood.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha has set a goal to construct 400 homes by the end of 2026, as well as to finish more than 1,000 repairs and to prepare 600 families and people for homeownership.

As part of its “Transformative Change” plan, Habitat Omaha intends to make investments totaling more than $200 million over the course of the next four years.

“Habitat for Humanity is only as strong as the community where we exist — and that’s all of Omaha — but that’s right here in the heart of Omaha too,” said Brewer. “Habitat for Humanity is only as strong as the community where we exist.”

According to Brewer, the benefits of homeownership extend throughout the entire community.

According to Brewer, “home ownership is a gain because there are people that are going to stay, that believe in the community, and that are investing in their neighborhood.”

Dawson remarked that the possibility of becoming a homeowner is an exciting one.

Dawson stated that it is essential for everyone of us to have a nice place to live, as well as a safe place to live, a pleasant place to live, and a warm place to live.

In addition to that, she intends to create gifts of appreciation for each of her new neighbors.

“I simply cannot wait. They are going to have everything, including antibacterial products, cleaning supplies for the home, and detergent. I am going to greet them with love when they arrive “Dawson stated.

In addition to constructing brand-new homes, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha also assists existing homeowners by performing necessary home repairs.

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