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39th annual Tangier Shriners spaghetti feed took place in Omaha; one of the organization’s largest yearly events

OMAHA, Nebraska – The Tangier Shriners held their 39th annual spaghetti dinner today, which is one of the organization’s largest annual events. As a result, the bellies of thousands of people in the metro area were filled with spaghetti today.

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The charitable children’s hospitals run by Shriners are located all around the country, and the fraternal society helps generate money for them.

The week was spent creating more than 13,000 meatballs, 350 gallons of spaghetti sauce, 600 pounds of pasta, more than 2,000 hand-filled cannolis, and 600 pounds of spaghetti for the Omaha chapter, which has approximately 1,800 members.

According to the organization, they raise somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 during the event on an annual basis.

Both their annual festivities and the construction of their new building space at 84th and Center streets are supported by these monies.

Others involved in the organization and those who are a part of it have stated that they could not have achieved their level of accomplishment without the community.

Frank Kroupa, who has been a member of the Shriners and a volunteer for the organization for the past half century, says, “Well, if you didn’t have that support, we couldn’t keep the lights on, and we couldn’t transport our kids to the hospitals.” “Right now, we are providing financial assistance to 350 children, and we require that. We need those cash in order to keep this building operational so that we can take the children to the hospitals.

Over 1,500 orders had already been ordered for the drive-through line at the Shriners restaurant before the day had even begun.

They say that every single plate of food, every single volunteer, and every single cash makes a difference.

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