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37-year-old Mississippi man faces manslaughter charges after walking into sheriff’s office admitting that he killed Alabama man reported missing in 2019

It is stated that a preacher admitted to the murder of a man. According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi, 37-year-old James Eric Crisp has been charged with one count of manslaughter.

Since March 10, 2019, Roger Loyd Taylor, 48 years old, of Sulligent, Alabama, has not been seen or heard from. After the discovery of his vehicle two days later, there were no leads in the investigation until it was said that Crisp strolled into the office of Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook and told him the truth.

According to Crook’s statement to WCBI in a report published on Thursday, “James Eric Crisp strolled into my office of his own free will and admitted to having killed Mr. Taylor.”

Taylor is familiar with the sheriff, the outlet, and has known him for some time. Crisp revealed to WCBI in August 2021 that he faced a potential sentence of thirty years in jail as a result of a narcotics trafficking prosecution. Crook, on the other hand, reportedly informed him that as a condition of his bond, he would be required to participate in a treatment program. Crisp detailed a lifelong experience of being continuously exposed to illegal drugs. He claimed that he started out by selling marijuana. When I was 8, I tried meth for the first time, and then cocaine when I was 14. He claimed that he and his father had their first experience with meth when he was 13 years old.

“The oldest recollection I have is of my parents being crackheads and selling the front door off of our house for crack,” he added. “The memory is one of the most vivid things I’ve ever experienced.”

Crisp disclosed to the news organization that his children witnessed him being led away in chains in May of this year.

But Crisp mentioned a year ago that he focused on improving this circumstance and turning it around. It has been alleged that Crook stated that Crisp had an experience at that program, which was a Christian discipleship program called “God’s House of Hope,” that changed the course of Crisp’s life. On July 13, 2021, Crisp was awarded primary physical custody of his two children. After that, he pursued a career as a guidance counselor and a mentor. And it was in his capacity as a preacher that he is said to have entered Crook’s office and disclosed the truth about what had transpired with the missing Taylor.

Reportedly, Crook was told by Crisp that he killed Taylor on March 10, 2019, and disposed of his body. Crisp also admitted to killing Taylor. On Blair Cemetery Road in Monroe County, the vehicle belonging to the victim was discovered. After that, there was no further development in the case until Crisp reportedly came forward. The investigators must now locate the deceased person.

According to a statement that was written by deputies from Monroe County on Thursday, “Crisp has cooperated extensively with authorities and yet another attempt to locate the remains of Mr. Taylor was carried out earlier this week.”

The investigation was still going on at the time.

According to reports, Crook replied something along the lines of, “As a believer myself, I detest it for the guy.” “In the material world, he is responsible for the decisions that he has made, but on the spiritual side of things, you can’t help but feel happy for the independence that he has attained as a result of doing this. You then hope that the family will find some measure of healing as a result of this process as well.

She stated to WCBI that “we know that God is a just God, and He forgives,” but that “we also have to take action for our duties,” and that “so today we just beg that God has mercy, whatever that looks like, whatever the steps is that we need to take for Eric to walk through this.”

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