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34-year-old woman from California was arrested in York after she was discovered to have cocaine in her vehicle on I-80 near York

YORK, Nebraska – A woman from California was taken into custody by the Nebraska State Patrol after it was reported that she was caught in possession of 20 pounds of cocaine.

On Interstate 80 close to York, a trooper is said to have witnessed a car following another one at an unsafe distance, according to the Nebraska State Patrol.

The trooper said they conducted a traffic stop and grew suspicious of criminal activities during the stop.

After conducting a search, the troopers claimed discovered 20 pounds of suspected cocaine inside the vehicle. It was purportedly hidden in plain sight beneath one of the seats in the automobile.

Imelda Ambriz, 34 years old and a resident of Los Angeles, was confirmed as the driver. She was arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance as well as possessing the substance with the intent to distribute it. Ambriz was arrested and taken into custody at the York County Jail.

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