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32-year-old man from Omaha sentenced to 68 months in prison for possession with intent to distribute 40 grams or more fentanyl

Omaha, Nebraska – According to the acting United States Attorney for the District of Nebraska, Steven Russell, Zakk L. Biggs, 32, from Omaha was sentenced in federal court in Omaha for.

According to the information available, Biggs was given a sentence of 68 months in jail, to be followed by a period of supervised release lasting for four years. In the federal system, there is no such thing as parole.

According to the records that were filed in court, on November 21, 2021, DEA agents prevented FedEx from delivering a package that had 2,000 fentanyl tablets inside of it.

It was stated that the package was delivered to the listed address by agents in a controlled manner on November 23, 2021.

After allegedly accepting the item, Carlos Rios-Alonso was taken into custody by the authorities. After more inquiry, it was discovered that Biggs was the one who would ultimately get the item.

After coming for a meeting with Rios-Alonso, Biggs was taken into custody.

At this time, Rios-court Alonso’s date is scheduled for October 17th, 2022.

The Drug Enforcement Administration conducted an investigation into this particular case.

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