31-year-old Charleston man was arrested Sunday morning in a connection to a deadly hit-and-run on Friday, Charleston PD says

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – A guy has been taken into custody, according to the Charleston Police Department, in relation to a hit-and-run accident that occurred early on Friday morning and left two pedestrians in a critical condition.

According to Elisabeth Wolfsen, a spokesperson for the Charleston Police Department, Erik Gustav Kirby, 31, of Charleston, was taken into custody early on Sunday morning.

On Friday, police were called to the intersection of Meeting and Columbus Streets in response to an incident that occurred there. According to witnesses, Kirby was the driver of the vehicle that struck two ladies.

Following the crash, both of the women were taken to the hospital for treatment of significant injuries.

According to the police, Kirby then ran away from the scene.

The Al Cannon Detention Center was where Kirby was being kept at the time.

The authorities are still looking for the vehicle that was involved in the hit-and-run accident.

Anyone who may have information regarding the car or the investigation is urged to call the Traffic Division of the Charleston Police Department at the following number: 843-965-4084.

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