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3-year-old boy discharged from Omaha hospital after traumatic brain injury

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — A 3-year-old boy was discharged from the hospital Friday after being abused.

After two weeks in intensive care and two more weeks in rehab, three-year-old Archer Albus is finally home. Some doctors didn’t think the little boy would ever live to see this day.

The family informs us that Archer was abused by a member of an extended family, and that the authorities are currently looking for the culprit.

“He was badly beaten to the point where he had no intention of surviving, he had a 2% chance of surviving.”

“He had a traumatic brain injury, so he had a brain hemorrhage that caused seizures, a stroke, at one point he had a small neck fracture,” Archer’s mom Terry Albus said. “He had to go through brain surgery, he had to go through breathing tubes, everything he needed, a ventilator, pretty much life support. It’s not fair to go through something like this, especially if there are only three of you.”

Family members believe that an angel is watching over Archer. They photographed what they believe is an angel hovering over the hospital.

Now Archer is doing well and ready for the close-up.

“He’s just an innocent little three year old who wants to play and run.”

“He walks, he talks, he’s happy, I’m truly blessed.”

Archer also has a new friend. When Les Buner found out that Archer liked motorcycles, he decided he would be there when Archer was fired no matter what.

“It was 17 degrees this morning, I parked the bike for a bit and it was covered in ice, but it was worth it just to see the smile on his face,” Buehner said. “Mom and aunt, I talked to both of them, they say that they are from a family of bikers, and his grandfather is a biker dad, he loves bikes, the sound, the look, so I could not pass by. “.

Les says I’m honored to meet this little guy. He even gave Archer some of his riding gear.

“Look at you, you look good. I should call you “mini-me”.

Les says he is happy to be a part of this miracle and happy to see Archer feeling better and returning home.

“Doctors told me he was a miracle baby and I can see it with my own eyes. He’s blooming like never before, he’s so happy despite everything he’s been through, he’s just so happy.”

Mom says there will be plenty of candy when they get home, but Archer told us he wants popcorn.

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