20-year-old Cape Coral man was killed by his father last week; last night the community gathered to remember the life of the young Marine

CAPE CORAL, Florida — On Tuesday night, friends and loved ones of the young Marine who passed away at the age of 20 in Cape Coral, Florida, after allegedly being shot by his stepfather, will gather to remember his life and pay tribute to the young man’s service in the Marine Corps.

A disagreement between McKellop’s mother and his stepfather, Gabriel Fernandez, who was 53 years old, resulted in the death of Brian McKellop Jr., who, according to the CCPD, was trying to protect his mother. McKellop’s mother was married to McKellop’s stepfather.

Later on, he passed away in a medical facility, leaving behind a community that had referred to him as a “hero” so many questions in addition to so many memories of him.

Jessica Hattermer, who has known McKellop since they were in the fifth grade, has been one of his closest friends. “There are so many ways we could obtain justice for him, but it’s just too hard to formulate right now,” she said.

According to his friends, McKellop received his diploma from Ida Baker High School, where he participated in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program, played basketball, and ran track.

“Heaven acquired another angel, a powerful one… with a heart of gold,” remarked Hatteamer after the passing of the angel. “In addition to the fact that he was an athlete, he was a guide, he was a leader, and most importantly of all, he was a buddy, more so than a brother.”

When remembering McKellop in the days following his untimely passing, his friends used phrases such as “very humble” and “committed” to characterize him.

Celine Lobocchiaro, a friend of McKellop’s since middle school, said that the thing that hurts the most is knowing that “we lost such an amazing man not just an amazing man but a really honorable person who had so much going for him.” McKellop was described as “not just an amazing man but a really honorable person who had so much going for him.”

McKellop had finished his training to become a Marine, and he was serving in the reserves at the time of his passing. He earned a degree in computer science from Florida Atlantic University, where he studied there.

Hatteamer stated that all he was doing was following his dreams. “I had an extremely tough time wrapping my head around the meaning of that.

“All I can think of now is the enthusiasm that he exuded. “Whenever he walked into a room, he had this uncanny ability to completely transform the atmosphere,” remarked Hattermer.

“Brian will never be forgotten in our hearts, and he wasn’t only the best player on the field. “He’ll never lose his place at the top of our affections,” Lobocchiaro remarked.

An evening vigil and memorial service was held on Tuesday night at the Watch Club Beach in Cape Coral for friends and family members.

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