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2 Prisoners Escaped From Prison But Lasted Only A Few Hours Before They Got Caught Out Of Their Appetite

Two inmates at a Virginia jail used primitive tools to make a hole in the wall of their cell and escape, the sheriff said, but they were found hours later at a nearby IHOP restaurant.

Authorities found two men, aged 37 and 43, missing from their cell in the Newport News Jail Annex during a routine census Monday night, according to a statement from the Newport News Sheriff’s Office.

A preliminary investigation found that the men exploited a vulnerability in the structure of the prison and used tools made from a toothbrush and a metal object to access the rebar between the walls and then used the rebar to escape further, the statement said.

After escaping from the cell, they climbed the containment wall around Jail.

Authorities appealed to the public for help finding the men, and they were again taken into custody early Tuesday morning in ICOP in the Hamptons when other patrons called the police.

“It reinforces what we always say, ‘See something, say something,’” Sheriff Gabe Morgan said.

The sheriff’s office said they were investigating to prevent further escapes.

One person, who lives in the Hamptons, was in custody on charges including contempt of court and violating probation.

Do these two deserve extra jail time for this?

Another, a Gloucester resident, was detained on charges including credit card fraud. forgerygrand theft and violation of probation.

Charges related to the escape are pending, the sheriff said.

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