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18 Best Places for Camping in Nebraska


If you are going camping in Nebraska, then you have come to the right place! We have covered some of the best campsites in Nebraska for you to go through in this article.

Nebraska is one of the Midwest states that boasts of diverse landscapes, making it a great place for camping.

From the dunes of Sandhills to the prairies of Great Plains, there are so many amazing camping sights in Nebraska.

Since this state offers a lot of beautiful attractions including state parks, waterfalls, monuments, etc., there is no shortage of campsites here.

Whether you are looking for a primitive camping experience or an RV camping trip, you will find all kinds of campsites in Nebraska.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out our list of the 18 best places for camping in Nebraska and plan a memorable camping trip!

aerial view of river and lush forest camping in nebraska

18 Best Places for Camping in Nebraska

Branched Oak State Recreation Area

If you are looking for amazing Nebraska campsites to go camping, then you should check out Branched Oak State Recreation Area.

This huge park is home to the largest of the Salt Valley lakes and offers a wide range of camping sites. From primitive to RV sites, you can choose the camping site that suits your style.

Moreover, the campgrounds come with all the basic amenities such as drinking water, modern restrooms, picnic tables, dump stations, and more.

This park also offers a wide array of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. This includes boating, fishing, hiking, biking, horse riding, and more.

So, if you are going camping in Nebraska with your family or friends, then this is one of the best places to visit in the Midwest.

RV trailer surrounded by trees camping in nebraska

Indian Cave State Park

Located between the Nebraska small towns of Nemaha and Richardson, Indian Cave State Park is one of the best spots for a NE camping trip.

This is a 3,000 acres big state park along the Missouri River that is famous for its stunning sandstone cave with prehistoric petroglyphs.

It is one of the best Nebraska state park camping sites where you can enjoy the gorgeous landscapes and indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and more.

You will find several campgrounds here that cater to different camping styles including tents, RVs with full hookups, trailers, and primitive camping.

Most importantly, tent campers have access to showers, fire rings, electric hookups, etc. but for more facilities, you might want to reserve a spot on the RV campground.

If you want to enjoy amazing views while primitive camping in Nebraska, then Indian Cave State Park is the perfect place for you!

staircase beside a rock

Chadron State Park

One of the top Nebraska state parks camping sites, Chadron State Park is one of the first state parks to be founded in Nebraska in 1921.

Since it is located in Nebraska’s Pine Ridge, this family-friendly park offers a stunning view to visitors. The 972-acre park offers numerous activities and facilities for campers to enjoy.

Families can have fun in the gorgeous lagoon, go swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and more around this park.

Here, you will find campgrounds for setting up your tents, vans, trailers, and RVs with electric hookups. Plus, you have access to hot showers, picnic tables, fire grills, and a playground for kids.

Trust me, this is one of the best places for camping in Nebraska with family!

bighorn sheep in wilderness

Niobrara State Park For Camping In Nebraska

Another popular state park for camping in Nebraska is the Niobrara State Park near Niobrara Village.

This public recreation area is located at the confluence of the Missouri and Niobrara rivers and features a gorgeous landscape for visitors to enjoy.

Plan a camping trip here to explore the Niobrara River Bridge and observe diverse wildlife including wild turkeys, coyotes, white-tailed deers, and more.

Visitors can check out the interpretive center here to learn the history of the area or spend time in the swimming pools or one of the hiking trails here.

In this state park, you have the option of both tent camping and RVs with electric hookups, showers, picnic tables, and more.

Also, the gorgeous view of the confluence from your tent camping sites is a huge plus point.

view of river and greenery camping

Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins

One of the best campgrounds in Nebraska, Prairie Oasis Campground & Cabins is located on I-80 in Henderson.

This campground in Nebraska offers pull-through sites that suit different styles of camping such as RV camping, primitive camping, and so on.

Here, you will find 31 RV sites with 30 and 50 amp hookups, 7 tent sites, and a fully-furnished camping cabin.

Campsite facilities here include picnic tables, fire pits, toilets, showers, drinking water, etc. That’s not all, there is a camping shop that sells all the necessary equipment here.

Also, you can enjoy many activities such as badminton, fishing, volleyball, paddling, and more. This is why it is one of the top places for camping in Nebraska.

trailer set up in a campsite camping in nebraska
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Fremont Lakes Recreation Area

One of the most popular places to visit in Nebraska in summer, Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area is located along Platte River.

It is a popular site for camping in Nebraska as this park features a wide array of activities. From hiking to boating, to mountain biking, there is a lot to do here.

Here, you will find several campgrounds with hard-surfaced pads for camping overnight with modern restrooms, drinking water, picnic tables, fire pits, and more.

Also, you can enjoy primitive camping here along with access to a safe swimming beach. This is undoubtedly one of the best camping sites in Nebraska to consider.

18 Best Places for Camping in Nebraska

Camp A Way Offers Family-Friendly Camping In Nebraska

Located in the heart of Lincoln City, Camp A Way is a family-friendly site for camping in Lincoln.

This camping site offers all types of campsites along with basic amenities.

From tent sites to camper pads, to deluxe RV sites with electric hookups, there are all types of camping options available here.

It is one of the top Lincoln camping sites with facilities like modern restrooms, paid showers, drinking water, picnic tables, fire rings, and more.

Another great thing about camping here is that visitors can enjoy a dip in the indoor spa and a heating swimming pool here.

Moreover, they have large dog parks to play with your furry friend. If you wish to go camping in Nebraska with your dog, then this is one of the best things to do in Lincoln!

RV hooked up on a campsite

Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area

Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area is located on the banks of charming Lake Ogallala and is one of the top Nebraska campsites.

There are 82 campsites available on the east side with water and electric hookups, restrooms, paid showers, portable water, and more.

If you want to experience primitive camping, then you can head to the west side of the lake where you have access to portable restrooms and water.

This lake is quite famous for fishing and is home to the gorgeous rainbow trout. Campers can enjoy many activities here such as swimming, paddling, picnicking, and so on.

In addition, this is one of the best places to go hiking in Nebraska!

hydro plant beside a lake
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Red Cloud Campground

Red Cloud Campground is an amazing campground in Nebraska that is located near the gorgeous Pine Ridge area.

This small campsite is surrounded by ponderosa forest and features 13 huge campsites.

This is one of the top campgrounds in Nebraska that features vault toilets, picnic tables, parking pads, fire rings, and grills.

One of the best things about this campground is that it offers amazing scenery and many fun activities to the campers. You can go hiking, mountain biking, wildlife watching, etc. here.

So, if you are in search of a good campsite, then this is definitely one of the top sites for camping in Nebraska.

tents with desk surrounded by trees

Pawnee State Recreation Area

One of the best camping sites in Nebraska, the Pawnee State Recreation Area is another great place to enjoy lakeside camping in Nebraska.

This park is home to the second largest lake in the Salt Valley and offers many outdoor and recreational activities to visitors. From fishing to camping, there is a lot that you can do here.

More importantly, they offer camping sites for both tent camping and campers with access to basic facilities. This includes modern restrooms with showers, electric hookups, and four docks for fishing.

fire burning with a kettle with tent in background camping in nebraska

Nebraska National Forest

Spanning over an area of 141,864 acres, Nebraska National Forest is the largest man-made forest in the USA.

This lush forest features grassy plains and pine trees, making it one of the top campsites in Nebraska.

In this forest, visitors can indulge in a wide range of activities such as camping, hiking, bird watching, horse riding, and more.

If you are looking for a good NE camping site, then this national forest is perfect. From primitive to RV camping, you will find campgrounds to suit all kinds of camping experiences.

For this very reason, Nebraska National Forest is one of the top places for camping in Nebraska.

sunset over river camping in nebraska

Platte River State Park

One of the top things to do in Lincoln is going camping in Platte River State Park.

It is a great place for camping in Lincoln and features gorgeous waterfalls, scenic hiking trails, beautiful views of the Platte River basin, and more.

This is one of the top Lincoln camping sites where you can spend a night in a rustic cabin or a teepee.

The cabins are equipped with heating, air-conditioning, showers, fire grate, etc. to make visitors feel comfortable. You can also choose to rent a teepee with its wooden flooring and creature comforts.

Here, you can indulge in several activities such as swimming, mountain biking, fishing, and more. Honestly, if you want to go camping in Nebraska, this is the perfect site!

waterfall surrounded by trees camping in nebraska

Hitchcock County Nature Center

Are you looking for Omaha camping sites? If yes, then you should check out Hitchcock County Nature Center which is a short drive from Omaha.

This campsite is perfect for a quick getaway and is one of the first places where Louise and Clark visited hundreds of years ago on their expedition. There are several camping sites here catering to both tent campers and RV campers.

Campers can also bring their pets here and can enjoy hiking in the gorgeous hills here. So, if you are looking for good sites for camping in Nebraska, then do consider Hitchcock County Nature Center.

tents in a park

Louisville State Recreation Area

Planning an Omaha camping trip? Well, then you should head to Louisville State Recreation Area which is a 30-minute drive from Omaha.

Located on the bank of Platte River, this 192-acre park is one of the best places to visit in Omaha. This campground is accessible throughout the year and comes with amazing amenities such as 223 camping pads, electric hookups, picnic tables, showers, fire rings, and more.

It is one of the top places to visit in Omaha and offers many recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, etc. to keep visitors entertained.

Whether you are looking for a primitive camping experience or a fully-equipped, luxury one, Louisville State Recreation Area is one of the top places for camping in Nebraska.

river view

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park Is Great For Camping In Nebraska

If you want to go camping in Lincoln, then Eugene T. Mahoney State Park is a good choice.

This state park is located halfway between Lincoln and Omaha and is a perfect getaway from both cities. The park features lakeside campgrounds with traditional campsites along with cabins and lodges. As a result, you can choose to experience different camping styles here.

That’s not all. There is also a waterpark with multiple swimming pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, and many other facilities available here. These campgrounds also include all the basic amenities that you might need for spending a night here.

Basically, if you want a glamping experience with gorgeous views, then this is one of the best parks for camping in Nebraska.

fire pit burning with a tent in the background

Smith Falls State Park

Home to the highest waterfall in Nebraska, Smith Falls State Park is a good Nebraska state park camping site to check out.

This is one of the best state parks for primitive camping in Nebraska and offers many amazing facilities for campers. This includes picnic tables, showers, restrooms, concession stands, and more.

One of the highlights of this Nebraska camping site is the scenic view of the Niobrara River that everyone can enjoy. That’s not all, this place is also great for water activities such as canoeing, tubing, kayaking, and more.

Smith Falls State Park is definitely one of the top places to go camping in Nebraska.

waterfall in a park

Red Willow Reservoir State Recreation Area

If you are looking for good Nebraska campsites, then Red Willow Reservoir State Recreation Area is a great choice.

This 1,350-acre area offers 13 camping sites for tents with picnic tables, modern restrooms, showers, fire rings, and drinking water.

There are a bunch of family-friendly activities to enjoy here as well.

You can go hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, paddling, and more here. If you want to have fun while camping in Nebraska with your family, then this is the perfect campsite.

tent with portable table and chair

Nebraska Tailwaters

Nebraska Tailwaters is one of the top campsites in Nebraska that features a total of 42 sites. This includes 31 camping sites with electric hookups and 11 sites for tent camping and no hookups.

This Nebraska camping site offers amenities like restrooms with showers and flushing toilets, fire pits, picnic tables, grills, and vault toilets.

One of the highlights of this campground is the access to the river where you can do boating, fishing, swimming, and more.

For non-water-related activities, you have hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, etc. to enjoy here. Trust me, Nebraska Tailwaters is one of the perfect sites for camping in Nebraska.

couple sitting on portable chair in front of RV camping in nebraska

Packing List When Camping In Nebraska

If you are searching, here are some tips on how to pack lightly when packing for camping in Nebraska.

concealed travel pouch may be one of the most important items you bring along when on a NE camping trip.  It is always important to protect your personal information. Identity thieves are everywhere.

This unisex RFID blocking concealed travel pouch is lightweight and comes in several colors. It has lots of organization to give you peace of mind. You can place it under your hiking clothes next to your body to carry your ID safely.

If you have a pouch already that does not come with the RFID protection, as I do, these RFID sleeves are the perfect solution.

If you are planning on taking a lot of pictures with your phone you will definitely want to consider an external charging battery. This Anker high-speed phone charging battery is the exact one I carry with me on all of my trips.

I like that it holds its charging capabilities for several uses so I do not have to worry about it while out and about, and if I forget to recharge it at night, it will still be good to go the next day.

My daughter gifted me with this FugeTek selfie stick and tripod setup for my birthday. I absolutely love it! It is made of lightweight aluminum and is so easy to use.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and is a breeze to use for taking Insta-worthy selfies while discovering island getaways in the US.

I never much believed in using packing cubes when traveling. That is until I tried them. Now I am hooked. These are the exact cubes I use to stay organized when I pack for a trip!

You will want to bring your own refillable water bottle with you.

I never leave home on a trip without my Bobble filtration bottle. The 18.5-ounce size is perfect for your adventures and it fits nicely in the pocket of a backpack.

Perhaps you are traveling a long distance and packing space is a premium in your suitcase, or in your car. Then this set of collapsible silicone foldable water bottles would work well for you. Would not take up much space at all.

You will want a backpack or daypack with you to store snacks, your water bottle, phone, extra clothes, etc.. during long hours of Nebraska camping. No matter the time of day or evening.

This foldable water-resistant backpack would be great. And it comes in many different colors.

Here we have listed 18 of the best places to go camping in Nebraska. There are so many trails to go hiking in this Midwest state, and any one of these Nebraska camping destinations would make for a spectacular Midwest weekend getaway.

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