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16-year-old girl wounded in attempted shoplifting incident in Mississippi

On September 17, a sad tragedy occurred in Mississippi. The outcome may have been significantly worse given the circumstances.

A 16-year-old girl involved in a mall stealing attempt allegedly brandished a firearm at a business owner. The store owner was reportedly armed and used his firearm in self-defense. The girl was shot and injured, and she was afterwards apprehended.

According to the Madison County Journal, Za’Lill D’Chelle Patterson was accosted by the owner of Corni’val Popcorn at Ridgeland’s Northpark Mall. Patterson allegedly stole a water bottle from a store. The owner took the water bottle from her and exchanged pleasantries with her before returning to the store.

Patterson apparently returned to the popcorn business five minutes later and drew a revolver.

Regardless of her motivation, Patterson may have been murdered.

Instead, she was shot in the leg and transported to the hospital before being charged with a crime.

Patterson is charged with aggravated assault, shoplifting, and possession of a stolen handgun as an adult.

Did the store owner do any errors?

The event illustrates two fundamental aspects of contemporary American life.

First, respect for the rule of law has been weakened by official practices that enable crime without consequences.

A teen girl should not try armed robbery in public. It is an indication that the practices and narratives of the political elite and the official media are forcing a cultural disintegration.

Beginning in 2020, communities governed by Democrats adopted radical “defund the cops” rhetoric and deeds. It was stated that police, not criminals, were the problem driving crime.

Despite the fact that a June 2020 ABC News/Ipsos survey revealed that 64 percent of Americans opposed the “defund the cops” movement, leftist lawmakers continued to criticize law enforcement.

The “defund the cops” crisis has been exacerbated by district attorneys who are soft on crime.

The killing in Mississippi illustrates a second aspect of contemporary American life: the significance of safeguarding the Second Amendment.

At the same time that Democrats coddle criminals, they attack the firearm rights of law-abiding Americans.

The business owner who shot Patterson believed he was defending not only his store and property, but also his own life and the lives of others.

It is unfortunate that the business owner was forced to shoot a female who allegedly threatened violence. The owner could have murdered her and lived with the repercussions for the remainder of his life.

The store owner might conceivably be prosecuted for defending himself under our crooked legal system. This is where the Democrats’ illogical and absurd policies have led us.

Recent gun judgements by the United States Supreme Court are viewed as strengthening and supporting the Second Amendment. Case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, decided in June, maintained the right to bear weapons with limitations on cumbersome state-imposed restrictions.

Because smartphones are ubiquitous, unexpected situations are frequently captured on video. This shooting was no exception, and the WAPT report that detailed it displayed optimism.

A father who was filming his son wearing his first pair of Air Jordans captured the sound of the shooting as it was occurring. Multiple shots were fired, and it is unclear whether Patterson or merely the business owner fired them.

During the encounter, the father provided his son with protection. Travis, the father, explained, “I grabbed him and covered him so that if anything happened, it would hit me and not him, thereby protecting him.”

Travis’s valor demonstrates that there is still love and courage in America. His son Ethan concurs. He stated that his father is “superior to Superman.”

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