11-year-old Lincoln girl who underwent weeks-long Covid-19 treatment in hospital has had liver transplant, report

Lincoln, Nebraska – Lincoln family were devastated a month ago when they heard that their 11-year-old daughter contracted Covid-19 and developed severe condition forcing the parents to transfer her to hospital for treatment.

Few weeks later, the little girl underwent live transplant and is expected to fully recover from both the virus and the transplant.

According to multiple repots, the 11-year-old Harper Lethcoe was sent home from school after the teachers acknowledged she had fever. As soon as she arrived home that day, her mother took her to hospital where they were told by the doctors the girl’s symptoms were flu-like symptoms. They were sent home and given treatment.

However, things went south for the family when the little girl ‘collapsed in the hallway next to the parent’s room.’

“All I really remember was collapsing in the hallway to my parent’s room,” said Harper,

The days after their first visit to the hospital, Harper was constantly vomiting and her mother knew it was probably not the flu once she noticed something strange in her eyes.

“It was probably two days after the first trip to the ER after I noticed the whites of her eyes were totally yellow,” said Jamie.

They went to the hospital again where the girl tested positive on Covid-19. But in addition to the virus, the girl’s liver was failing and she immediately needed liver transplant. Jamie, the mother of the little girl, couldn’t believe how her active and perfectly healthy daughter ended up in that situation.

“It was extremely, extremely scary,” said Jamie. “Hearing your child needs any kind of transplant, I was in denial.”

After an ambulance ride to UNMC, the Lethcoe’s found out Harper’s cousin was a match, but was unable to give. Hours after that, they learned they’d found Harper another match. Soon, that liver was in Omaha, flown four hours to get to Harper.

That day, the girl’s mother received a call from the hospital around 10:30 p.m. and officials with the hospital informed her that the ‘old liver is out, new liver is in’.

The girl was later taken home.

“I held her hand at bedside and just kept squeezing it three times, I love you,” said Jamie.

“We just work on going up and down stairs, leg muscles, because I have to be able to walk for at least 10 minutes because my school is kind of big,” said Harper.

Although still remains unknown what really happened to the 11-year-old girl and how she ended up with damaged liver when nothing indicated that, doctors believe this was caused by multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. It’s a condition related to COVID-19.

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