102 million hours watched: Low-budget drama is Netflix’s most-watched movie for days

Two weeks ago, “Purple Hearts,” starring Sofia Carson and Nicolas Galizione, was the most-watched film on Netflix.

In the past week, “Purple Hearts” had over 102 million viewing hours, which is nearly three times more than “The Gray Man,” the second most popular video on the platform.

On IMDb, 20,000 viewers still rated “Purple Hearts” with a 6.9 rating.

The drama “Purple Hearts,” whose viewership surpassed that of “The Gray Man,” the most costly film in Netflix’s history, began airing on the site on July 29.

The plot focuses on Cassie, who marries Marine Luke out of curiosity. Cassie has been diagnosed with diabetes, and her dire financial circumstances have compelled her to marry a Marine in order to take advantage of government benefits.

“I am pleased that my participation in these projects has allowed me to work on everything I desire. This went beyond my expectations; I am satisfied “Carson told the magazine People.

Purple Hearts was “buried” by critics
The critics dislike this low-budget movie.

“The absence of chemistry between the two stars exacerbates the film’s artificial storylines and subplots,” said Clary Shaffer.

“Carson and Galizione are wonderful individuals – undoubtedly one of the film’s biggest charms,” commented Luke J. Thompson, “but their love scenes lack warmth or emotional intensity, therefore they are not entertaining to watch.”

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