10-year-old student from Charleston shot and injured; classmates at Sanders-Clyde Elementary School decided to plan a walk to fight violence

CHARLESTON, South Carolina – On August 27, a 10-year-old student at Sanders-Clyde Elementary School was shot, causing him to sustain injuries. In response to this, his classmates decided to organize a walk to protest violence on Thursday.

Together, students, police officers, and administrators from the school walked behind the student who was shot in order to send a message condemning gun violence and show support for the victim.

The pupils in Destiny Heyward’s class in the fifth grade need to know that their lives matter, according to Heyward.

“The students should be able to go to the playground and play basketball without being afraid of gunshots, passing by drive-bys, or having to think about ducking when they don’t need to,” adds Heyward. “They shouldn’t have to worry about ducking when they don’t need to.” “They are only young children. I believe that as educators, it is our responsibility to encourage students to find their own voices and to be there for them. We hope that this stroll will be of use to people all throughout the world.

The students got together the day after the massacre and came up with the idea of doing a walk to protest gun violence. The students want to put an end to the violence and demonstrate their affection for the neighborhood.

According to Heyward, “they had lost loved ones within the community, and in addition to wanting to do this for their injured classmate, they wanted to do this for themselves.”

Brandon Smith, who is currently in the fifth grade, has expressed the desire to one day work as a bodyguard so that he can keep his loved ones safe. He explained the reasons why the trek is significant to him.

According to Smith, the goal is to “make people aware that the futures of youngsters as well as our futures important.” “In order for us to have the sense that we are safe in our neighborhood.”

Assistant Principal Keilya Pringle of Sanders-Clyde Elementary School has stated that they are going to work together to combat the issue of gun violence.

Pringle asserts that there is no room in the community for firearms, and that there is also no room for violent behavior. We are obligated to demonstrate love. It is incumbent upon us to look out for the welfare of our younger siblings. It is necessary for us to assist our neighbors. It is imperative that we put an end to the bloodshed. We have to put an end to the hatred, and at the same time, we have to demonstrate love.

The youngster who was injured in the incident on Jackson Street participated in the walk and is making progress toward making a gradual return to school.

Pringle exclaims, “Oh, it was just so lovely to see the scholar here and he’s such a warrior.” “He really is a brave soul. To witness his mother, the members of the community, the school district, the Charleston Police Department, and the staff members all engaged and pouring into the scholar in his family and just demonstrating love.”

The Charleston Police Department has not identified the suspect at this time because their investigation is ongoing.

According to Sergeant Kinta Palmer, “a 10-year-old was living his dream by playing basketball and something sudden like that, at the end of the day, life is not a game.” “The value of life cannot be overstated. When I think about it, those two people could have been my child and my child. It’s painful.

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